The Battle of the Coast The Battle of the Desert


The masters gave their stepson a month to storm Ma’rib, so that they could break their fast with its dates last Ramadan.
Al-Houthi moved most of his forces to achieve this goal.
However, the steadfastness of Ma’rib confused the priests’ calculations, and the painful blow came at the hands of the joint forces that arrived today at the Al-Adeen Junction.
The Tihama battle is the battle of Marib, and the men of the coast are the hawks of the desert.

The men in Shabwa, Taiz and elsewhere should take advantage of the Houthis’ preoccupation with Ma’rib to move.
The movement of the fronts now is useful for these fronts, due to the weak capabilities of the Houthis in them, and it is important for Marib, to relieve pressure on them.
If the priests gather around the goal of controlling our country, then we must rally around the first goal of the September revolution in getting rid of the remnants of the Imamate.

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