The beginning of the demarcation of the “border” between Hodeidah Governorate and the control of the joint forces, placing an iron fence and threatening the Tihama resistance (photo)


Local sources, in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, revealed the start of the construction of an iron fence south of the city, and the demarcation of borders that isolates the remainder of it under the control of the joint forces, from the areas that they recently withdrew from and were handed over to the Houthi militia.

The sources confirmed that the Emirati military supervisor, in the coast, called (Abu Ahmed) visited the field yesterday, Monday, to demarcate the new division borders imposed south of Hodeidah.

The sources indicated that the Emirati supervisor warned the Tahami military leaders against bypassing the iron and sand fence that had been put in place, and that any force that would advance would be bombed as being outside the legitimacy of the coalition.

The sources pointed out that the West Coast region, which includes the south of Hodeidah and the coast of Taiz, was completely cut off from the map, and turned into a separate geographical sector, administratively and militarily, under the leadership and supervision of the Emirati officer (Abu Ahmed).

Pictures published by journalists and activists from the area showed the status of the newly developed iron fence.

So far, official sources have not commented on this step, but a statement issued by the legitimate government, a few days ago, demonstrated that it was not aware of what was happening in the West Coast region, following the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from southern Hodeidah.

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