The Central Bank of Aden announces the suspension of 25 exchange companies in Aden


Informed sources revealed expected measures to be taken by the Central Bank of Aden, to arrest more than 25 companies and exchange facilities in the capital, Aden.

The sources pointed out that these measures come within the framework of the efforts of the Central Bank and in cooperation and coordination with major exchange companies to control the practices of a number of non-compliant and non-compliant exchange companies and establishments with the laws and regulations of the banking sector and contributed to speculative operations on exchange rates, noting that the names of these companies and establishments will be revealed. later this evening.

It is worth noting that the number of exchange companies and facilities in the capital, Aden, has reached more than 175, which is a very large number, as this large expansion has hampered the activity of major and approved exchange companies that have been working in this field for years, as well as offending and distorting their reputation in public opinion, and holding them responsible for the deterioration. The national currency and accused of speculation in currency rates.

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