The Central Bank of Yemen carries out an urgent surgery with Gulf support


The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden intends to carry out an urgent surgical operation with Gulf support; According to the economic analyst, Waheed Al-Fawdaei.
In a post on his Facebook page, Al-Fawdaei said, “The large proportion of the cash supply of hard currency is in the hands of money changers and major players in the country, and the exchange market in Yemen during the past months until today is more like a monopolistic market and an illegal speculative market, Those who determine the exchange rate in it are the monopolists and speculators.
He called the Central Bank to perform a surgical operation through direct intervention in the market, and it is necessary to support a Gulf country in this aspect as an emergency deposit, loan or assistance where the name was.
He pointed out that “this is an urgent, but not final, solution to the exchange crisis.”
This comes amid an accelerating decline of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies during the past few days.

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