The coalition gets a valuable catch in an unimaginable place in Marib (photos + details)


Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni website obtained a photo of a tank belonging to the Houthi forces, which was hidden under a tree to avoid coalition strikes, but it was targeted and completely destroyed.

The coalition warplanes bombed a Houthi tank in the direction of Wadi Jerada Qibli in the city of Harib in Marib.

Today, Thursday, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen said that it had carried out 36 air strikes against the Houthi militia during the past 24 hours, in the Abdiya district, south of Marib.

And he added in a statement, that “the air strikes targeted the equipment and elements of the Houthi militia in Al-Abdiyyah.”

He explained that the raids of the coalition fighters caused the Houthi militia heavy human and material losses. Where 11 military vehicles were destroyed. It also resulted in the killing and wounding of about 150 Houthi militants.

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