The Coalition Incidents Assessment Team reveals the fact that it targeted a hospital and wedding hall in Hodeidah


The Joint Incidents Assessment Team in Yemen responded to two separate allegations regarding the targeting of a hospital and wedding hall in Al Hudaydah Governorate during the last period, stressing that the coalition was not responsible for them.

Counselor Mansour Al-Mansour, spokesman for the Incidents Assessment Team in Yemen, stated that a statement was received from the Office of the Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen in August 2018 about raids on Al-Thawra Hospital, which is the main hospital in Hodeidah, which resulted in large numbers of dead and wounded.

After the Accident Assessment Team has researched and investigated the facts of the accident, reviewed all documents including the Air Task Force, and after evaluating the evidence; It turned out that Al-Thawra Hospital is located in Al-Thawra Street in the southwestern part of the city (Al-Hodeidah), which is a complex of buildings surrounded by main streets. The same history of the claim that an air mission was carried out on a military target consisting of gatherings of elements belonging to the armed Houthi militia inside a building on a specific coordinate in a semi-isolated area in the city of Hodeidah, 2500 meters away from the site of the claim, using a single guided bomb that hit the target.

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