The coalition succeeds in carrying out the first military operation to break the siege of Al-Abdiyyah in Marib by “parachuting”


The Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen carried out, this evening, Wednesday, the first operation to lift the siege on the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (east of the country).
Local sources confirmed that the coalition carried out the first parachute landing operation in the Abdiya district, which is besieged by the terrorist Houthi militia, weeks ago.
According to the sources, the operation delivered the first batch of weapons, medicine and food to the people of the Directorate.
The sources demanded that the Arab coalition drop larger quantities, as this aid would help the people of the Directorate to withstand the barbarism of the Houthis.
For three weeks, the Houthi militia has imposed a stifling siege, accompanied by violent military attacks, on the people of the Abdiya district in Marib.
This siege and the accompanying battles left a complete lack of medicines in the district.

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