The Commander of the Egyptian Air Force: We are able to reach the maximum extent and in the fastest time to secure the interests of the country


The Commander of the Egyptian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Abbas Helmy, announced that “his forces are able to reach the greatest extent and the fastest time to secure Egyptian interests, in light of all challenges.”

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the celebration of the “Eagle of Egypt” celebration, Lieutenant-General Helmy said: “A comprehensive plan was drawn up according to a strategic vision for the development and modernization of the armed forces. The nature of threats and challenges and the emergence of new hotbeds of conflict in many regions.

He added: “In these difficult circumstances at home and abroad, the Egyptian army has won victory for its people. The Egyptian people succeeded in restoring their identity in 2013. With a keen vision and a balanced and continuous appreciation of these threats, the political leadership issued directives to develop the capabilities of the armed forces, including the Air Force, with Emphasizing the strategic importance of diversifying the sources of armament, to be able to face these challenges and threats with the necessary efficiency.

He pointed out that “modern models of aircraft and helicopters have been arranged, equipped with the latest technology in the aviation industry in the world,” stressing that “the Air Force is carrying out its tasks with the highest degree of readiness and readiness on all strategic directions to confront and defeat all forms of terrorism and secure all the work of the forces of Law enforcement in North Sinai, with permanent and continuous monitoring of the western direction, to confront infiltration and smuggling.

He continued, “The Air Force is able to reach the maximum extent and in the fastest time to secure Egyptian interests in light of all challenges and threats, and to confront all those who try to cross the red lines drawn by the Egyptian state.”

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