The commander of the second military region of the Yemeni army warns the “Houthis” and his forces about Hadramawt


Today, Saturday, the Governor of Hadhramaut Governorate, Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, issued a new warning to the Houthi rebels against trying to approach the governorate.

Al-Bahsani, during his visit to the Al-Hamra camp, affiliated with the Barshid Brigade, and the sites and points affiliated with the camp, warned the Houthis against trying to approach the Hadhramaut borders, or even thinking about harming it, its people, its capabilities and wealth.

He stressed Hadhramaut’s complete rejection of the Iranian rejectionist Houthi project, and its expansionist project targeting the sound religious faith and the homeland.

He directed his forces to make more efforts to fortify and secure the western gate of Hadhramaut, build the necessary defenses in those areas, and distribute force and equipment in an optimal manner, while supporting those military sites with more forces and military equipment necessary to confront any attempt to advance the coup militia and stop and end their expansion on the outskirts of Hadhramout.

Al-Bahsani praised the employees of Al-Hamra camp for their high sense of security and complete vigilance, which enabled them to detect many smuggling operations of contraband such as weapons, drugs and others through the western gate of the governorate, as well as the arrest of wanted men while trying to infiltrate into or out of Hadramout.

Al-Bahsani continues the program of field visits to the brigades and military units of the Second Military District, to see the readiness and readiness, in anticipation of any risks that might threaten the security and stability of Hadramout.

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