The “common” fire devours the priesthood reinforcements in three axes


The priests are trying behind the scenes of the United Nations to stop the military operation, claiming that the operations are in the center of Stockholm, and this is a libel..

A big lie. The Stockholm regions are in the hands of the priesthood. Neither the United Nations nor the deceitful international legal organizations spoke about it, but the coalition was on the lookout for them. Its statement, which was issued last hour, said in his firm tone: Operations are outside the scope of Stockholm.

The coalition said it targeted ballistic missile stores on the West Coast

These missiles are the ones who bombard the ports, airports and populated neighborhoods

The United Nations mission did not talk about their bombing of the port of Mocha and their bombing of civilians

But when the republican forces move to liberate the country, they shout loudly

Imagine these international attempts to save the priesthood even though the operations did not include the Stockholm regions. What if the operations in the Stockholm region that were vacated were joint?

That is why the forces vacated her and threw the matter into the hands of the United Nations and the priesthood

The priesthood that robbed the evacuation sites agreed to evacuate them and the Monitoring and Deployment Committee watched and shouted against the military operations in the administrative borders between Taiz, Ibb and Hodeidah, which are not covered by the damned Sweden agreement.

However: these hours devoured the common reinforcements of the priesthood with three axes

buried reinforcements

Surgical reinforcements

Mount Ras reinforcements.

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