The Congress Party in Marib breaks its silence and announces its position on the Houthi militia attack on the governorate


The head of the General People’s Congress branch, in Marib Governorate, confirmed that they will not budge from their patriotic stances against the Houthi militia.

Sheikh Abdul Wahed al-Qibli Nimran, head of the conference branch, said on his Twitter account, today, Saturday: “I swear to God that we will not budge from our firm and patriotic positions rejecting and resisting the Iranian-Iranian Houthi project.”

He added, “We will fight them as long as we live, or we will obtain one of the two good things, victory or martyrdom.”

This coincides with the intensification of battles in the Juba district, south of Marib, between the Houthi militia and the army and tribesmen, and the militias resort to targeting civilian homes with ballistic missiles, as they targeted, last Thursday night, the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif al-Qibli, and completely destroyed it on the heads of its residents, killing more than 12 people. A civilian, including his two sons.

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