The continued impact of Hurricane “Shaheen” on a number of Yemeni governorates


The meteorological centers issued a new warning regarding the continued instability in the atmosphere during the coming hours in the capital, Aden, and a large number of Yemeni governorates.

Meteorologists expected that in continuation of the impact of Hurricane Shaheen, heavy rain, accompanied by thunderstorms, will befall the mountainous governorates from Lahj in the south to Saada in the north, as well as the interior hills, and it may be heaviest on the governorates (Hadhramaut, Shabwa, Abyan, Lahj, Taiz, Ibb, Al-Dhalea and Raymah).

It also expected rains of varying intensity, some heavy, with thunder sometimes, on Aden, the southern and western coasts, and the corresponding interior areas, and scattered rains on the deserts (Al-Jawf, Marib, Shabwa, and Hadramout) and parts of the eastern coasts.

It warned against heavy rains and torrential flows in reefs and valleys, as well as thunderstorms in the aforementioned governorates, and to take the necessary precautions to preserve their safety and the safety of their property, with the need to stay away and not cross the corridors and streams of torrents and take shelter from thunderstorms during and after the rains.

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