The cornerstone of a united Yemen


I feel proud and hopeful when I see my countrymen celebrating the glorious anniversary of the 26th of September revolution inside and outside the country, in the mountains, plains, squares, fronts of honor and dignity, and in the villages and districts of the great leaders of the glorious revolution.

As well as the activity of the people of the country in brotherly and friendly countries, in addition to the high demonstration on social media, and to my knowledge that this is a popular referendum on the Republic and an affirmation of adhering to its goals, principles and gains despite all the bumps and imbalances that accompanied its march

September 26th is the birthday of this people
September 26th is the day when the Yemeni spirit was breathed into the body of a people exhausted by the Imamate priesthood for centuries and decades.
September 26 is the cornerstone of a united Yemen
September 26 is the Yemeni people’s ownership of their decision and belief in their capabilities and rights.

Today, all the people of the people renew the covenant to the heroic fathers who faced injustice and oppression twice as much as we are facing, and held out with less capabilities. Therefore, we must not despair or surrender and continue our fateful battle and protect our republic, our state and our sovereignty, and unite our ranks and restore our hijacked decision and institutions.

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