The death of a famous Syrian artist .. He sang for 10 continuous hours and was a muezzin in a mosque in Aleppo (video)


The Ministry of Information and the Artists Syndicate in Syria mourned the artist Sabah Fakhri, who died today, Tuesday, at the age of 88.

The artist Fakhri, born in 1933 in Aleppo, studied singing and music in 1948. He also studied muwashshahat, rhythms, Samah dance, poems, roles, solfege, and playing the oud.

In his youth, he was an employee of the Ministry of Awqaf in Aleppo and a muezzin in the Rawda Mosque there. Fakhri is not his lineage, but rather it is in appreciation of Fakhri al-Baroudi, who sponsored his talent.

He held several positions, and set the record for singing when he sang in Caracas, Venezuela, for 10 hours without interruption in 1968.

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