The death of a sheikh from Arhab forcibly and stinging his son, who was killed in the ranks of the Houthis (photo)


On Friday evening, one of the sheikhs of the Arhab tribe in Sana’a governorate died forcibly over his son, who was killed in the ranks of the Houthis at the end of August, despite the militia’s attempt to please him by giving his son a great military rank despite his young age.
Tribal sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the tribal Sheikh Ahmed Yahya Wail, one of the sheikhs of the Arhab tribe north of the capital, Sana’a, died by force and lamentation for his son Taha, who was killed at the end of August in the ranks of the Houthi militia.
The sources added that the Houthis tried to mitigate the shock of Sheikh Ahmed Yahya and Ail by granting his slain son a large military rank represented in the rank of brigadier general despite his young age, but this did not mitigate the horror of his son’s killing.
The sources confirmed that despite the ambulance of Sheikh Ahmed Wail, one of the sheikhs of Beit Wail in Arhab, to Unimax Hospital, which is near the Jumna tour, which is the closest hospital in the capital to the Arhab district, but he died in it after suffering from the oppression he suffered after his separation from his son.
The people of the village of Beit Wail are preparing to return the body of Sheikh Wail to his hometown in Arhab district, to put an end to the oppression that the Houthi militia put on his son, which is still practicing its bloody hobby by kidnapping children in Yemen and dragging them to the death fronts.

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