The death of the personal companion of the slain former Yemeni president


Today, Thursday, the personal companion of the late President of the Republic of Yemen, Ibrahim Al-Hamdi, died. According to close sources.
The sources told “The Yemeni Scene” that Major Mansour Muhammad Al-Shaarani, the personal companion of President Al-Hamdi, died today after a life full of struggle and national struggle.
The sources indicated that the deceased al-Shaarani had stubbornly stubborn President al-Hamdi for the first time in his military career, but his attempt to stay close to him was rejected, and when he returned, the assassination was almost ready to be executed.
Al-Sha’arani had a close relationship with the commander of the President’s Guard, Colonel Ali Al-Sultan, and was educated at the school of his grandfather Al-Sha’rani.

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