“The decisive battle soon.” Sources: If the Houthis knew what would happen to him, he would have taken the initiative to hand over Sanaa, not just Hodeidah.


Newspaper and media sources confirmed that the next battle of the joint forces against the Houthi militia will be decisive, on all fronts.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia lost the last opportunity granted by the international community in Hodeidah Governorate, by violating the Sweden agreement.

In this regard, Yemeni journalist Abdel Wahab Nimran said: “If Al-Houthi and those behind him knew what would happen to him in the coming days, he would have taken the initiative to hand over Sanaa, and not just what is left of Hodeidah.”

Nimran added; He is the correspondent of Al-Yaman Al-Youm channel of the General People’s Congress Party: “The joint forces are not rebel militias, and their upcoming military operations will be lightning, and the enemy is aware of the joint forces.”

He stressed that the repositioning and deployment of the joint forces on the West Coast front represented “a strong blow to the Houthis, no matter how hard its supporters tried to portray what is happening in Hodeidah as a victory.”

Observers considered that the “repositioning and proliferation” operation liberated the joint forces from the trap and trench of “Stockholm”, and will launch in the next stage, in a new theater of operations that serves the sacred national battle to liberate the entire country from terrorism, racism and the Houthi militia’s workers.

During the past 48 hours, the joint forces withdrew from three districts in Hodeidah, while the Houthi militia rushed to take control of them, amid the astonishment of the Yemeni street, and the astonishment of the legitimate government and the United Nations.

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