The defeat of the Houthi militia is one of the most important fronts in Marib.. the arrival of large reinforcements to the army forces and the change of the course of the battles


The National Army forces managed to defeat the Houthi militia from a number of sites in the Harib front, during the past hours.

Al-Arabiya TV correspondent, in Marib, quoted field sources that the National Army forces defeated the Houthi militia from military positions, and made new progress over the militias on more than one front, most notably the Ma’aa front, in the Harib district.

The sources indicated the arrival of new reinforcements for the National Army to the southern and western fronts, on the outskirts of the city of Marib.

The sources confirmed the change in the course of the battles around Marib, expecting to recover what the army forces had lost during the past two months.

This comes in light of the intensification of battles on the various fronts of the province, which resulted in more than 220 deaths within three days.

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