The disappearance of two girls in Sana’a in mysterious circumstances .. days after the kidnapping of Marwa Al Hammadi


Two girls disappeared from a street in the capital, Sanaa, days after a similar incident, in light of the high incidence of kidnappings of girls in the city under the control of militias.

Local sources said that a student at Umm Salamah School in the Muad district of the capital, Sanaa, disappeared with her cousin in mysterious circumstances, last Tuesday.

The sources indicated that the families of the two girls are living with great concern about their disappearance, in light of the clear disregard of the militia authorities.

The incident comes days after the kidnapping of the student, Marwa Al Hammadi, at the hands of a gang led by Jamil Shaabin, who bargained with her family to marry her or commit a crime against her and expose her.

This is the fourth case of the kidnapping of a girl in Sana’a since late October, while the number of recently hidden girls in the same way has exceeded 13 girls so far.

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