The effects of Hurricane Shaheen reach Hodeidah… heavy rain and damage to popular homes, roads and sewage outlets


The city of Hodeidah witnessed this Friday afternoon heavy rain and torrential flow, which caused damage to many houses in villages, popular neighborhoods, agricultural lands and irrigation facilities.

The torrential rains in the districts of “Al-Hali, Al-Hawk, and Al-Mina” led to road cuts and damage to the sewage outputs of the city of Hodeidah, not to mention some damage to the private properties of citizens.

Rainy and cloudy weather is still clouding a number of coastal districts in the governorate until this moment.

Meteorologists said that the heavy rains resulted from the effects of Hurricane Shaheen, which hit Amman and a number of Yemeni cities.

The residents of the governorate center directorates demanded the concerned authorities to cooperate with them to overcome this ordeal and help them in facing these urgent climatic changes that had not been witnessed in their areas before.

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