The effects of Hurricane “Shaheen” .. torrential torrents cause the death of two girls in Balhaj


Local sources from Lahj governorate revealed that two girls died this afternoon, west of the village of Al-Ziyadi, Tabun District, Lahj governorate, due to heavy torrential rains that hit the district and most of the governorate’s areas as a result of the effects of Hurricane Shaheen.

The sources said, quoting the father of one of the girls, Fadel Aram, that “his daughter (Sabour) is 11 years old, and his niece (Nasra) is 10 years old. They went this afternoon to the place of the digger near their residence after watching their young sisters go to the same place that It was filled with torrential water last night, for the purpose of bringing them back.

He added that the intensity of the torrential torrents led to the drowning of the two girls.

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