The Eternal October 14 Revolution


1- It restored the momentum to the glorious September 26 revolution after one year of trying to break it, and provided for its victory a comprehensive national atmosphere that changed with it throughout the country and its breadth the chants of the flame of victory from “Nasrallah al-Hadi” to “a united democratic Yemen that we will redeem with blood and lives.” More than one front, and I supplied it with fighters who defended it on the fiercest fronts by confronting the royalists.

2- It constituted an incentive to launch national awareness towards paths that crossed the barriers of the old political and social structures that surrounded Yemen in distorted concepts of the state, and moved the internal Yemeni ties with national political visions formulated by militants who crossed the fragmentation barrier on sails that were not defeated by the headwinds.

3- It coalesced with the September 26 revolution in a national struggle path with which the Yemeni national movement crystallized in its most diverse manifestations and commitment to a project that would put Yemen on the right path towards national revival.

3- It achieved national independence, and established a national state by uniting the sultanates, sheikhdoms, emirates of the south, and the colony of Aden, which was the torch that lit the way to build that young state with all the successes and difficulties that accompanied it.

4- It was an expression of a fact that must be recalled today in the midst of the challenges Yemen is witnessing, which is that the south, under the leadership of Aden, was and will continue to be

Al-Qaeda on whose platform the stability of Yemen is formed.

The rest is details.

Happy New Year .

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