The expulsion and removal of a reformist parliamentarian from the WhatsApp group of the House of Representatives due to Facebook posts (name)


A prominent parliamentarian was expelled and removed from the WhatsApp group of the Yemeni House of Representatives, due to his positions and writings on social media.

The reformist parliamentarian Shawki Al-Qadi revealed that he was removed from the WhatsApp group of members of the House of Representatives, because of his criticism of the Presidency of the Council and the heads of parliamentary blocs, about the situation in Yemen, as he put it.

Al-Qadi explained that he was removed from the WhatsApp group, “because of his demand for the presidency of the council to form committees of the council and hold meetings, even if it is necessary, as he accuses President Hadi and his deputy, Mohsen, and calls them a legitimate mummy, as well as to the leaders of the political parties who, without their ploys and their procrastination, would not have reached this destruction and collapse.” And his criticism of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, according to a post on his personal account on the social networking site Facebook.

He pointed out that those who adopted the decision to remove it from WhatsApp, and criticized it, are the parliamentary blocs of the Islah, Congress and Nasserist parties.

The Yemeni parliament has been suffering from stagnation and freezing, since holding its first session 3 years ago and electing a presidency for it in the city of Sayun.

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