The expulsion of the Houthi militia in the south of Hodeidah and the launch of a large military operation and the liberation of a number of areas (the names)


Forces loyal to the Yemeni government were able to expel the Houthi militia from a number of villages and areas south of Al Hudaydah Governorate.

Media sources said that the pro-government forces managed, today, Thursday, to recover the villages of Al-Mahajar, Dhami and other areas, between Hays and Mocha, on the western coast, south of Hodeidah.

The sources indicated that the launch and the joint resistance of a military operation resulted in the liberation of the villages of Al-Mahajar, Jabal Al-Awj, Al-Zeq and Jisr Al-Juwaih, south of Al-Hodeidah.

Yesterday, the Houthi militia admitted that it had been subjected to violent attacks, south of Hodeidah, where Houthi media said that the militias were able to thwart several infiltration attempts by the coalition forces in the areas south of Hays District, south of Hodeidah, and claimed that they forced them to retreat and thwarted the operation.

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