The fact that a student was killed while targeting the governor of Aden by a suicide bombing


Informed sources revealed the fact that a child was killed while leaving school this afternoon in the terrorist bombing that targeted the convoy of the governor of Aden and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The sources confirmed that these allegations were not true, stressing that no child was killed in today’s bombing, and there is no report in the police departments or Aden hospitals in this regard.

Citizens had circulated a short video clip on social media platforms, showing a dead child thrown on one of the windows in an inappropriate view, and they claimed that a student was killed in an explosion today while leaving Al-Bashaer School in Aden, allegations denied by many security and health sources.

Regarding the video, the sources suggested that it was old or in another region, reiterating that it was not related at all to the terrorist bombing incident that took place today, Sunday, in the capital, Aden.

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