The family of former Defense Minister Mahmoud Al-Subaihi receives good news about him after a phone call from inside the prison


The family of former Defense Minister Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, who has been detained by the Houthi militia for 7 years, received good news about him.

Heyman, the son of Minister Al-Subaihi, revealed that his family had received a call from his father, who was detained by the militias, for the first time in years.

Al-Subaihi’s son expressed his joy at what happened today, Wednesday, and wrote on his Facebook page, a post monitored by the Yemeni scene, in which he says: “Sometimes life makes us so happy that we cannot express this joy. Describe it, then the words evaporate, the phrases are lost, and I cannot express them.”

He added, “Hearing my father’s voice on a phone call moments before brought me back to life again, and the sun shone in my sky that had been dark for years.”

Regarding his father’s health condition, Al-Subaihi’s son said: “The tone of his voice is still the one that left me years ago and has not changed.” He concluded his post by saying: “May God protect you, my father, and bring you back safe and sound.”

Al-Subaihi was captured by the Houthi militia, months after its coup against the legitimate government, in 2014.

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