The final exit of the Emirati forces from Shabwa and the evacuation of the Balhaf facility.. And the identification of the alternative forces revealed


The UAE forces are preparing to leave the Balhaf oil facility in Shabwa Governorate, after leaving the Al-Alam camp during the past few days.

Today, Tuesday, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper quoted military and political sources as saying that the Emirati forces in the Balhaf region are preparing to leave the facility as part of a plan initiated by the UAE to withdraw from the Al-Alam camp in the Jardan district, east of Ataq.

The sources indicated that the UAE had withdrawn some of its forces from Balhaf to Hadramawt, following the escalation of tension last month with the legitimate Yemeni government forces in Shabwa, demanding their withdrawal and the evacuation of the Balhaf facility, affiliated with the French company Total, which the UAE forces have been based in five years ago. Years.

The local authorities say that they are demanding the withdrawal of Emirati forces from Balhaf, in order to restart it and export liquefied natural gas from the facility overlooking the Arabian Sea, which is operated by the French company Total, which has been suspended since the beginning of the war, and is considered the largest investment project in Yemen.

The sources confirmed that the Emirati forces expressed their desire to withdraw, according to the agreements, and after previous pressures that almost led to the explosion of the military situation in the Balhaf region, after it was besieged by the Ataq axis government forces, and a Saudi intervention resulted in an agreement to exit within 3 months, and hand it over to the local authorities. In Shabwa, which formed and trained a military brigade to protect the oil installations in the province, according to the newspaper.

This comes hours after the Saudi forces left Ataq Airport, and expelled militias affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council from the Al-Alam camp, as they refused to evacuate it after the departure of the Emirati forces.

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