The first ambassador of “Yemen” in Qatar with four priorities


Rageh Badi will be the first Yemeni ambassador to Qatar since the restoration of relations between the two countries after a four-year estrangement as a result of Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s ally, declaring a boycott of Qatar and imposing a state of estrangement with Doha on all its allies.
Therefore, one of Badi’s priorities is to restore relations between the two countries that have been damaged by an external action, the Gulf conflict. It is also a priority to reactivate the agreements and restore support, relief, development and Qatari investment that benefits the Yemeni people and strengthens the economy and the national currency, including the return of support for diplomatic salaries that The new ambassador supervised it before as a government representative before it stopped after Yemen announced the severing of relations with Qatar.
The third priority is to restore trust between legitimacy and the State of Qatar and to put a brake on all projects that led to the provision of direct or indirect support to the Houthi militias due to the Qatari-Saudi dispute.
The fourth priority is to make more efforts to enhance the political rapprochement between Qatar and Yemen on the one hand, and between Qatar and the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia. One of the determinants of this is to improve the media’s handling to serve regional security, and to solve the problems that led to the creation of a media discourse that favors the coup militias.

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