The first and long war on Yemen


There is no sane person who desires the outbreak of war, let alone its continuation.
And a long war was imposed on the Yemenis when Al-Rassi came to establish the lords of his alleged Imamate state on the rules of dynasty and racism, and between the battle and the battle with the Yemenis there was another battle, it is a hideous, ugly war to destroy the spirit of Yemeni wisdom and obliterate the features of Yemeni identity.

Many nations throughout the Islamic world became cults (Shafi’is, Hanafis, Hanbalis and Malikis) willingly and without coercion or coercion from the imams of the four sects or their followers except in Yemen. And whoever turns away from this satanic idea, he will have a life of hardship, torment and humiliation, and an infidel is permitted by blood, money and honor.

Hadawiya developed today and became more ugliness when it was subject to all forms of the Iranian Imamate Al Jafari modernization and began to master all forms of intellectual, psychological, physical and societal terrorism and transformed hundreds of thousands of Yemenis and distributed them between (cemeteries, prisons, exiles, and hospitals) and others, it was fenced off with a fence of humiliation and humiliation, so you do not listen to them in a whisper.

I don’t know how a sane person would call for coexistence with this gang with its claws dripping with Yemeni blood and its smell reeking of TNT after it detonated their homes, mosques, present and future!!!?

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