The first comment from “Hariri” after Saudi Arabia announced the expulsion of the Lebanese ambassador from the country


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri published a series of tweets on his Twitter account, hours after the Kingdom announced the departure of the Lebanese ambassador to Saudi Arabia within 48 hours and the halting of all Lebanese imports to it.

Hariri said: “If relations between Lebanon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab Gulf states reach this level of irresponsibility and being bullied by bloated ideas, this certainly means that we, as Lebanese, are already living in hell.”

He continued, “Reckless and arrogant policies in the name of sovereignty and empty slogans have decided to lead Lebanon to an unprecedented Arab isolation in its history.”

He added: “As for the price of isolation, it will be paid from the balance of the Lebanese people, who are basically afflicted by their economy and livelihood, and are exposed daily to the most heinous insults without the luxury of the rulers and their protectors from inside and outside the eyelids of concern for the national destiny. .

He continued: “The responsibility, first and foremost, in this regard lies with Hezbollah, which spreads hostility to the Arabs and the Arab Gulf states, and to the covenant that hands matters matters over to the dwarves of politics and the media and those who insult the dignity of Arab leaders. .

And he added, “Saudi Arabia and all the Arab Gulf states will not break the Iranian policies in the region, and Lebanon’s sovereignty will not be upright by aggression against the sovereignty of Arab countries, and exposing the interests and security of brotherly countries to dangers imported from Iran.” .

He continued: “You want a state with sovereignty and national dignity, remove Iran’s hand from Lebanon, stop the arrogant policies and raise the finger and threaten the Lebanese with the presence of an army that is outnumbered and outnumbered by the state’s army and its security and military institutions. .

He concluded: “Enough is really enough, and the far and near must know that the Arab identity of Lebanon is the gateway to safety for our country, and otherwise it is a scramble to hell. .

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