The first comment from the governor of Aden, “Lams” after an attempt to assassinate him with a car bomb


The governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, revealed his health condition, after a car bomb exploded in his convoy, accompanied by a number of government ministers in the interim capital, Aden.

In his first appearance after the explosion, Lamles made it clear to the media that he was not harmed in the attack, confirming that a number of his companions were injured.

Lamles said, in statements to Al-Ghad Al-Mashriq channel, “I am in good health, and the targeting of my escorts has been extended.”

“This terrorist operation will not deter us from continuing our work in Aden,” he added.

This came after a car bomb exploded targeting his convoy at the Hajif intersection between the districts of Al-Tawahi and Al-Mualla, and he was accompanied by the Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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