The first comment from the transitional on the bombing of Aden Airport


The spokesperson for the Southern Transitional Council, Ali Al Kathiri, commented on the explosion that occurred near Aden International Airport and said: “The message to be conveyed from the terrorist act is that Aden is not safe and that the south is experiencing an internal war.”

He added in a television interview, “..and if it is proven that today’s operation is proven to be a terrorist operation, it certainly came after the visit of the international envoy and the delegation of the European Union to the capital, Aden.

He continued, “Our battle with terrorism continues and has years and will continue as long as terrorism wants to target the south and the interests of regional and international powers. We expect the brothers to support our southern armed forces in order to confront these elements.”
A car bomb exploded near the entrance to Aden Airport, leaving more than ten dead and dozens wounded, most of them children.

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