The first European country in which women win the majority of seats in Parliament


Iceland has become the first European country in which women hold the majority of seats in parliament, after obtaining 33 seats out of 63 seats (52%) during the recent legislative elections; As reported by “Russia Today”.

According to the results of the elections that took place in Iceland yesterday, Saturday, the largest number of parliamentary seats (16) went to the conservative Independence Party, whose election campaign focused on the issues of public health and the fight against climate change.

The media reported that there is no other European country in which the proportion of women working in its legislative bodies exceeds 50%, given that the proportion of women in the Swedish Parliament, which is the “leading” country in this field, constitutes 47%.

It is worth noting that in the world today there are only 5 countries in which women constitute at least half of the number of parliamentary seats: Rwanda (61%), Cuba (52%), Nicaragua (51%), Mexico (50%) and the United Arab Emirates (50%). .

And the media indicated that Iceland – unlike some other countries – does not have a quota for women’s representation in the legislature, but some parties in the country demand that women constitute at least a certain number of candidates than them in the elections.

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