The first fiery statement of the “Faculty Members Syndicate” at Sana’a University regarding the murdered young man “Al-Sanabani”


Today, Friday, the Syndicate of faculty members and their assistants at Sana’a University issued a fiery statement, the first after the murder of the assassinated young man, Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani, the son of one of its faculty members, at one of the security points of the Southern Transitional Council in Lahj governorate, last September.
In her statement, which was seen by the “Yemeni scene”, she called on all unions, civil society organizations, bodies and institutions concerned with human rights to stand by the family of the martyr Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani and to move at all levels in order to hand over the perpetrators and prosecute them according to the law, in addition to handing over his body to his family without delay until the death is completed. bury him.
It called on the concerned authorities to carry out their constitutional and legal duties to protect citizens, as it denounces the flagrant violation of the constitution and the law during their travel by armed groups towards safe citizens, and deters anyone who seeks to harm the security of the citizen and his property.
She added: At a time when we hoped the security authorities controlling that region would carry out their constitutional, legal and moral duties by establishing the principle of justice and handing over the perpetrators of this heinous crime to the judiciary in order to receive their just punishment, as we were surprised by the delay and the failure to hand the perpetrators over to the judiciary despite his repeated demands to lead that point. The military may be investigated in a fair way to reveal the circumstances of this case and apply the maximum penalties to them in a manner commensurate with the gravity of the crime committed by them, despite the passage of more than three weeks from the time of the commission of the crime.
And she continued: Rather, the security authorities in the city of Aden refused to hand over the body of the victim to his family and relatives in order to hold a proper burial ceremony in his hometown.
And she indicated that she followed up the heinous crime that was committed against the young man, son of a faculty member at the Faculty of Agriculture at the university, Dr. Anwar Ahmed Abdel-Mughni Al-Sanabani, at one of the military points in the district of Tor Al-Baha in the Lahj governorate, during his return from exile in the United States of America to visit his family in Sana’a, He was subjected to detention, torture, and then killed in a horrific and inhumane manner, which is contrary to all values ​​and principles of citizenship, human rights and the right to life.
A member of the Lawyers’ Team of Dam Al Sanabani, Ahmed Faisal, said that the International Committee of the Red Cross is seeking to receive the body of the victim from the refrigerator of Al-Jumhuriya Hospital in the city of Aden, and transfer it to Sana’a via a plane belonging to it from Aden Airport to Sana’a Airport, stressing that the body will not be buried during Coming days.
The case of the murder of the young man and others at the same security point still provokes angry reactions, demanding retribution from the killers, and the protection of citizens.

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