The first “Houthi” response to “Al-Attas” regarding President “Saleh” and “Jawas” and the withdrawal of “Abdul-Malik” to Sana’a


Today, Wednesday, a Houthi leader responded to the former Yemeni Prime Minister, Engineer Haider Al-Attas, regarding the visit of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Saada, and Major General Thabet Jawas, who withdrew “Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi” to the capital, Sana’a, after his brother was killed during the first war in the governorate.

A member of the Houthi negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said in tweets on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that he “followed Haider Al-Attas’ talk about the Houthis in his last interview with Al-Arabiya channel, and it seems that the man’s political memory has become multiplied to the point of mass destruction”; as he put it.

He added: It was reported that Jawas brought Abd al-Malik al-Houthi to Sanaa after his brother was killed in the first war, and it is not true. Abd al-Malik then moved to Hamadan and then to the nearby Matrah area and settled there since; Referring to rugged mountainous areas where the militia leader hid in its main stronghold, northwest of the province.

He continued: The second one stated that (President) Saleh was prevented from ascending the pulpit, which is incorrect. What happened was that after the end of the sermon at Al-Hadi Mosque, the well-known slogan was chanted as usual weekly; In reference to what the militia calls the cry.

And he added, “Saleh left and no quarrel occurred with him. As for the hadith on the Twelver and Zaidi rulers of Sana’a and its sectarian dialect from Zayud early and Shafa’a Manzil, we have a more detailed pause; In an implicit and indirect threat to sneezing.

Al-Attas had indicated in the seventh episode of the “Political Memory” program, which was broadcast by Al-Arabiya channel, that with the entry of the Houthis into Sanaa, things got out of President Saleh’s control.

He reported that a senior officer affiliated with Saleh refused to carry out a coup against the Houthis by order of Saleh, and told him: “After you brought them into the capital, you asked us to turn against them? How do we do that while we are in their midst?”; Sneezing quote.

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