The first Islamic country to officially approve the “chemical castration” law to combat rape


Pakistan’s parliament has passed a new anti-rape law that allows courts to order chemical castration of some abusers, and is considering setting up special courts for speedy trials.

The law provides for chemical castration of repeat offenders and criminals involved in gang rape and pedophiles, a punishment that rights groups and lawyers have described as brutal.

According to the law, government agencies will be required to maintain a database of abusers and courts will have to complete trials within 4 months.

Pakistan imposed the law for the first time in December last year through a presidential decree. Parliament passed the law on Wednesday; This caused criticism from human rights entities and calls by lawyers to reconsider the penalty.

The law is seen as the result of national outrage in response to the gang rape of a mother in front of her children on one of the country’s major highways.

The rape and subsequent blaming of the victim by a senior police officer last year sparked protests and online calls for a strict law.

Two suspects were arrested in connection with the case and were sentenced to death in the eastern city of Lahore.

Lawyer Rizwan Khan of Islamabad described the new law as an oversimplified solution to a complex problem that needs a thorough review of the entire criminal justice system.

It is reported that less than 3% of criminals accused of rape have been convicted in Pakistan; Faulty investigations, a flawed judicial system and social taboos discourage victims from seeking justice.

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