The first response from “Al-Mutta’ah” to its accusation of executing 10 Houthi militia fighters on the western coast


The “Joint Forces” on the western coast denied, this evening, Sunday evening, the allegations of the Houthi coup militia, of executing prisoners of its gunmen in the battles of Hodeidah.

“We categorically deny this accusation,” said the spokesman for the joint forces, Colonel Waddah Al-Dubaish, adding: “Everyone knows the parties that abuse, torture, mutilate, execute and kill civilians and security personnel in their homes and in front of their families and children.”

Al-Dubaish affirmed the commitment of the joint forces in dealing with the prisoners with international, humanitarian and moral standards and the upscale treatment of the group’s prisoners, protecting them, providing health care for their wounds, providing them with the best food and qat and everything that preserves their lives and dignity, which the militias do not care about.

Al-Dubaish referred to the militia’s history of crimes and violations against prisoners, civilian abductees, women and children.

He explained in a statement that the Houthi militia “is the one who kills and tortures prisoners, executes civilian abductees, and abuses anyone who disagrees with them and refuses to join their ranks and fight for their Iranian sectarian project.”

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia had earlier accused the joint forces on the West Coast of executing ten prisoners of its gunmen on the West Coast front.

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