The first response from “Marib” to “Tariq Saleh” call regarding the unification of the republican ranks


Today, Saturday, the Sheba Council welcomed the statements of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, commander of the National Resistance on the West Coast, calling for the unification of the national and republican ranks and the unification of all energies in the face of the Iranian coup militias.

The council, which is based in the city of Marib, blessed, in a statement, which was briefed on the “Yemeni scene”, any work or efforts that strengthen the cohesion of the internal national front and end the state of internal division.

He renewed his welcome to all calls for true national partnership, and the completion of national unity in the face of the great dangers and challenges facing the national cause, and confronting the clerical coup project backed by Iran.

He stressed that all the governorates of the Sheba region are battlegrounds to fight this sacred battle in the defense of the Marib Governorate and the liberation of all the lands of the Sheba region and the Republic of Yemen.

He called on all parties and national forces to renounce political differences and quarrels, and to overcome the hatreds of the past and all that would weaken the national republican rank.

He stressed his full support for all efforts aimed at restoring the state and the republic and liberating Yemen from this Iranian-backed coup gang that threatens Yemen’s present and future.

Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh called for unifying the ranks under the banner of legitimacy to restore the state and its capital, Sana’a, and end the coup of the Houthi rebels.

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