The forces leading the battle for reconquest on the West Coast front


With regard to the withdrawal that the front south of Hodeidah witnessed, we, as the sons of this province, see it as a historic stab at the accusation and betrayal of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of the heroes.

The areas that had been withdrawn, the Tuhami resistance forces backed by the forces of the southern giants had liberated them at a time when Tariq was still an ally of the Houthis; When he joined the coastal front, the liberation forces were at the time knocking on the southern gates of the city of Hodeidah.

The force that is fighting the war of restoration is the First Tihama Brigade and the Ninth Brigade Giants and consists of the Tihama youth as well in addition to the Fourth Tihama Brigade, which was known as the Tihama Elite and was established by the UAE similar to the Shabwani Elite and the Hadrami Elite, but its fighters proved their national loyalty and sided with their land and their national cause.

The battle in the Tohami coast reflects, in one way or another, the geopolitical importance of its location on the Yemeni map in the southern depths of the Red Sea. With its coast, which represents the gateway to Yemen, opposite the Horn of Africa, with its common historical depth between Yemen and Africa.

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