The former Iranian president dies in a Paris hospital


The former Iranian president, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, died today, Saturday, at the age of 88, in the French capital, Paris.

A statement issued by the Bani Sadr family, to which the first president of the Islamic Republic of Iran belongs, said in a statement that he died today, Saturday, in a hospital in Paris after a long struggle with illness.

The statement added: “With endless regret and a heart full of sorrow, we inform the Iranian people of the death of Mr. catch up with divine mercy.”

It is noteworthy that Abul-Hassan Bani-Sadr was born on March 22, 1933 in Baghsha, Hamedan Governorate, central Iran.

The information says that Abul-Hassan Bani-Sadr left Iran after his disagreement with the supreme leader, the founder of the Khomeinist regime, and left the country in disguise with Massoud Rajavi in ​​1981 and did not return. He was 45 years old during the revolution, and one of the few who received Khomeini at Paris airport a few months before the revolution.

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