The former Yemeni president defends “national unity” and talks about the first and last bullets


The former Yemeni President Ali Nasser Muhammad said that what happened after the conflicts and wars after the Yemeni unity and the war of the summer of 1994, does not bear the burden of unity as a noble goal for the Yemeni people as much as the way in which the unit was managed to achieve interests that have nothing to do with the aspirations and hopes of the people, and the results were dire for the fabric. national and social to this day.
In a panel discussion organized by the American University in Cairo Alumni Club, Nasser explained that the war in Yemen, which has been going on for seven years, has led to serious divisions and to the destruction and collapse of the Yemeni state, its institutions, and its economy. Today, Yemen has more than a president and more than a government and army.
He added: “The war today is entering the seventh year and we have presented more than one initiative to stop the war and bring peace to Yemen, but the war merchants do not want an end to this war, as it brings them billions from arms trade, corruption and trade in the people’s food. They do not care about the Yemeni people and waste their blood and capabilities.”
He continued: “Millions of Yemenis today need food, water, medicine and housing, in addition to the millions of Yemeni people who have become refugees at home and abroad without any cessation of the war or following the path of peace in sight.”
And he added: “We have called since the beginning of the war to stop it and put an end to the bloodshed, and we have said that the war will not be resolved in a month, two or three months, as some believed, but it will extend for many years, based on our understanding of the terrain of Yemen and the culture and thought of its men. Nobody knows the time of the last bullet, and between the two bullets, tens of thousands die, millions are displaced, and the state and society collapse.
He stressed that some forces in Yemen and the region did not want security and stability for Yemen and the Yemeni people and to continue investing its resources.
He renewed his appeal to all local, regional and international forces to contribute to stopping the war and standing by the Yemeni people.
He expressed his optimism, despite the tragedies that this war has left and continues to leave behind, that the Yemeni people will work to stop it, and with it all peace-loving peoples.
He pointed out that the war between the people of the same country and the same skin, there is no victor or defeated in it, everyone is defeated.
Nasser stressed that all the wars that Yemen went through ended with dialogue.
This comes in conjunction with international, American and regional moves to end the war in Yemen, which has entered its eighth year.

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