The frenzy of photography reaches the killer selfie… know that


Experts at the British company specializing in risk and safety assessment, Rhino Safety, have confirmed that 352 people have died since 2011, that is, since the mass appearance of front cameras on smartphones, trying to impress everyone by taking killer selfies (selfies).

And there are many more who survived injuries in pursuit of sensational selfies.

The Indians occupied the first place in the world rankings of fatal selfies (184 accidents), and after them the Americans (25 accidents).

The Russians ranked third in the classification (17 incidents), followed by Pakistanis (13 incidents). China comes at the bottom of the classification (5 accidents).

The Russians are so determined to win likes that in 2015 the Russian Ministry of Interior released a booklet on the rules for taking safe selfies. After that, in just 6 months, 10 Russians were killed and 100 people were wounded.

Many of the stories were surprising in their absurdity. For example, two men were killed while taking a selfie with a grenade after the pin was pulled from it. The photo taken before the explosion is stored in an undamaged smartphone.

Another story where two teenage girls looking for an interesting shot climbed onto the roof of a railroad tanker and were surprised to find high tension electric wires on top of the train.

And in the year of the epidemic 2020, bloggers stopped for a short period as only 7 incidents were recorded (for comparison, 2017 saw 107 deaths of fans of likes).

However, this year, with the abolition of quarantine and restrictions, witnessed a renaissance of killer selfies, as 24 people in the world put their lives on the altar of taking photographs that would entertain bored surfers.

Last July, 100,000 netizens mourned the death of 23-year-old Hong Kong crane operator Xiao Qiume, who became a social media star by filming videos of her dancing in the crane cabin, causing her to fall from a height of 50 metres.

Earlier, her compatriot, Sophia Chung, 32, fell off a rock while taking a selfie at the edge of Qing Dai Falls in a suburb of Hong Kong.

Then an 18-year-old Indian snake hunter, Sumanat Mahatri, was killed trying to kiss a king cobra.

The pilot, Amritpal Singh, 29, died in his Cessna 150 when he lost control of it, as he took selfies at low altitude. A GoPro camera, which was found at the crash site, documented the accident.

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