The full story of what happened in Al-Jawbah!


After more than a year of fierce battles in the narrow valleys of the Alfa front, yesterday the Houthis advanced less than five kilometers and took control of the first two villages in the Juba district.

The two villages are dear to our hearts because they are a factory of men’s factories and a mine of brave leaders, in which the family of Buhaibah and the house of a man from the two villages, the great leader Mufrah Buhaibah.

On the other side of the village, fierce battles are taking place, and there is no truth to the progress of the Houthis in al-Juba, except for the two villages whose outskirts have been witnessing a war for thirteen months.

For the Houthis to celebrate the fall of the two villages, we are in the middle of the battle and we will take the joy and the village from them. We trust the heroes of the national army and the heroes of the Murad tribe, the owners of the land and history.

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