The “General People’s Congress” puts the sanctions imposed on “Ahmed Ali”, “salaries” and “Houthi aggression” on the table of the UN envoy to Yemen


Today, Sunday, representatives of the General People’s Congress raised issues of lifting the sanctions imposed on the former Yemeni ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the “salaries of state employees” and the “Houthi aggression against the city of Marib”, on the table of the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg; According to what was stated by a member of the House of Representatives, Abdul Rahman Mazab.

Moazib stated that the representatives of the Congress Party headed by Faika Al-Sayyid, Assistant Secretary-General of the party, discussed with Grundberg the national issues on the Yemeni arena and the urgent UN roles in the Yemeni issue, and the basics of the solution and the hoped settlements in light of the Houthis’ continued intransigence in front of peace opportunities.

He pointed out that the meeting discussed the crime of the ongoing Houthi aggression against Maarib and the bombing of civilians there with ballistic missiles and marches.

He noted that there is an international understanding of the current situation in Yemen as a result of the Houthi rebel coup.

He stressed that the delegation demanded the lifting of sanctions against the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his son, Ambassador Ahmed Ali, and the issues of salaries, kidnappers, prisoners, child soldiers, abuse of opinion leaders and journalists, political executions, and the right of the Yemeni people to defend themselves and restore their state, homeland, capital, security and stability, and reject Iranian tampering and its tools. .

Earlier today, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, met in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with a diverse group of Yemenis to consult on ways to start an inclusive political dialogue to reach a sustainable political settlement to the conflict in Yemen.

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