The “government” warns of a dangerous Houthi scheme targeting the liberated areas


The Yemeni government has warned of a dangerous scheme carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, to flood the areas under its control with the scourge of drugs.

Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Interior, explained that alarming reports and information indicate the volume of drug trafficking, and hundreds of networks that are active under the full Houthi sponsorship in smuggling, trafficking, promotion and inflicting tens of thousands of young victims.

Al-Eryani pointed out that reports from Houthi militia-controlled areas confirm the involvement of prominent Houthi leaders in drug trafficking networks and taking them as a main source of funding for what it calls the “war effort”, luring and attracting thousands of young people to join its ranks, and throwing them into its absurd battles targeting the security and stability of Yemen. and region.

Al-Eryani stressed that this information is an extension of the reports that confirm the involvement of the Tehran regime and its sectarian militias in the region, led by the Lebanese Hezbollah, in the drug industry and trade, and that it is a major source of financing for its terrorist activities, implementation of its destructive policy and expansionist ambitions, and the exploitation and destruction of human energies in the targeted countries.

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