The governor of Aden intervenes…disclosure of the latest developments in the flag camp in Shabwa


Tribal mediation from the governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, arrived at Al-Alam camp northwest of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa governorate, this evening.

Local sources said that the mediation met with the leadership of the Shabwani Elite Brigades, presenting what they had and what they brought from the governor’s side, and its details were not clear correctly.

The sources concluded by saying that the mediators left the camp towards Ataq at 8:30 pm, noting that the situation is calm.

In the same context, informed sources confirmed that the local authority in Shabwa governorate and the Shabwani Elite Forces agreed to a three-day truce after mediation by its leaders, social and tribal figures in the governorate.

The sources said that “a committee of social and tribal figures was formed as a mediator to seek the Al-Alam camp case, defuse the tension between the Shabwani elite soldiers present in the camp and the army and security in its surroundings, and resolve the issue a peaceful solution acceptable to both parties, blood is injected and the strife is cut off.”

The sources added that “the mediation are: Sheikh Abu Bakr bin Farid Al-Awlaki, Sheikh Ali Hassan Doshel Al-Nassi, the wise Salem Nasser Al-Marzaki, Sheikh Mohsen Ahmed bin Talib Al-Khulaifi, Sheikh Nasser Al-Kadeem, Abdul Qawi Lamrouq, Nayef Al-Mashii, Alawi Ali and Sheikh Saleh Al-Jarbou’. It is for a period of 3 days to calm souls and prevail over the voice of reason and wisdom, provided that neither party assaults each other during this period, and that any materials are allowed to pass into the camp without objection, and that the owners of the flag camp are not allowed to receive anyone from outside the camp.

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