The Governor of Aden issues directives regarding the payment of electricity bills (document)


Governor of Aden Ahmed Lamlas issued a new directive to all directorates general of the capital, Aden, calling on them to succeed in an upcoming campaign that will be implemented by the Aden Electricity Corporation, targeting random connections and those who have not paid electricity bills.

According to an official document obtained by “Yemeni Al-Mashhad” a copy of it, it is expected that the campaign of the Aden Electricity Corporation will start next week, targeting random and double connection, and cutting off the power for all those who default on payment, including citizens and senior commercial and government subscribers.

The directives of the governor of Aden came to the directors of the directorates in order to support and make this campaign a success, and to ensure the stability of the current, and the continued arrival of subsidized Saudi fuel.

Since last night, Aden has witnessed an increase in the hours of outages as a result of the explosion of an electric switch at the Khormaksar station, which caused the system to go out for long hours, before returning partially, while the Khormaksar station is still suspended, and the Al-Haswa station also, amid expectations that the Al-Haswah station will return tonight with a capacity of 55 megawatts, Although the Aden Electricity media had announced its return to service this afternoon, this did not happen.

The extinguishing hours amounted to 6 continuous hours per dose, while the operating hours did not exceed two hours, or an increase of half an hour at most, in light of a sharp rise in temperature and humidity in Aden today.

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