The “Guardians of the Republic” forces are preparing for a decisive battle in Taiz after the transfer of “Haitham” forces


The Republican Guard forces, led by Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, are preparing to fight a decisive battle to purify the Taiz governorate of the Houthi rebels, a few days after taking over the positions of two military brigades led by the prominent military commander Major General Haitham Qassem Taher.

Field and media sources said that over the past three days, the National Resistance Forces, the “Guardians of the Republic”, had taken over the positions of the 20th Infantry Brigade and the 22nd Infantry Brigade in Mawza district, including sites in the Al-Barah area, west of Taiz governorate.

The sources indicated that the forces of the 20th and 22nd Infantry Brigades were transferred to Kilwa 16, east of the city of Hodeidah, in coordination with the Arab coalition forces, while the forces of the 21st Infantry Brigade are still stationed in their locations in the Al-Wazia district.

Today, Tuesday, the leader of the National Resistance, Brigadier Tariq Salih, appeared in the market of Mowza district, days after his forces took over the tasks of securing the district.

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