The head of Ma’rib Reform, “Al-Sharif”, surprised the Houthis from the field after rumors of his joining the militia


The head of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party in Marib Governorate, Sheikh Mabkhout Aboud Al-Sharif, appeared today, Saturday, from the front lines in the Serwah front in Marib.

Al-Sharif appeared with Sheikh Murad bin Maili, this evening, Saturday, during lighting the flame of the revolution in the front lines of the Serwah front, south of Ma’rib Governorate.

This appearance comes after Houthi fabrications that claimed that Sharif joined the Houthi militia, with the aim of dislocating the ranks of the tribes supporting the National Army, in conjunction with fierce battles in the governorate.

Al-Sharif had ridiculed, in a press release, yesterday, Friday, the rumors of the Houthi rebels about his defection and joining their ranks, stressing that “the Iranian project is collapsing and the great Qadisiyah of Yemen will quell the breath of the Imamate.”

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