The hour of salvation is near, and the coming days are full of surprises… The legitimacy officially reveals the size and identity of the forces that have reached Marib and confirms that large forces will arrive soon


The internationally recognized Yemeni government revealed, this evening, Tuesday, the size of the military forces that arrived in Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, said that the fronts of Ma’rib Governorate were reinforced with quality units after the attrition of the terrorist Houthi militia in the battles taking place there during the past months.

In a series of tweets, he stressed that strengthening the Marib fronts is enough to change the scales of the battle in favor of the heroes of the army, the resistance and the tribes, break the Iranian project and the Houthi uprising, and divert the course of military operations.

Al-Eryani also confirmed the arrival of the highly trained “Marib Martyrs Brigade”, which is equipped with weapons and military equipment, to the steadfast city of Marib, to engage in the fighting fronts on the side of the National Army and the Resistance.

He said that the government pushed these military units in light of the continued escalation of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, and the escalation of its terrorist attacks on civilian objects and civilians.

He explained that the battalion that arrived in Marib is one of the brigades of the Yemeni forces, which the government represented by the Ministry of Defense worked under the guidance and supervision of the Supreme Military Command represented by President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to form, structure and organize it within the military forces, with training and logistical support from the leadership of the Saudi-led coalition, and more reinforcements will arrive over the coming days.

Minister Al-Eryani praised the continuous and unlimited support provided by the Saudi-led coalition to support Yemen in the battle to restore the state and bring down the coup.

He reassured the steadfast and patient people of Yemen that the hour of salvation from the Houthi militia is near, and that the coming days are pregnant with developments and painful surprises for Tehran’s tails.

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